Sunday services

Below you can see the pattern of our services throughout the parishes. For more details of a particular parish please choose the parish you are interested in from the options above.



 BCP - Book of Common Prayer (1662)

 HC - Holy communion – Common worship unless stated otherwise

 EP - Evening Prayer

 MP - Morning Prayer (usually BCP also know as Mattins)

EW - Evening Worship MW - Morning Worship often led by reader – Common Worship: Service of the Word
FS - (usually) Lay led Family Service  






 Shute w Whitford



 1st Sunday

 11am FS

 11:00am MW

 9:30am BCP HC

 11:00am HC

 11:00am FS

 2nd Sunday

 11:00 HC

 9:30am HC

9:30am MW / MP

 11:00am FS

 11:00am HC

 3rd Sunday

 <-------------- 11:00am




  (rotates) ----------->

 4th Sunday

 11:00am MW

 8:30am HC
11:00am FS

 11:00am HC

 11am MW lay led

 6:00pm EP or 7:30 informal EW

 5th Sunday

 <---------------11:00am <--------------- 8:30am

              Mission                                    HC

(if the 11:00 is


(rotates) ------------->(rotates) ------------->