Vicar's Viewpoint March

VICAR’S VIEWPOINT MARCH 2019. ‘YOUR HEART MATTERS’                         


The Chief Medical Officers have recently given advice to parents about the dangers of unlimited screen time for children and young people. Leave your mobile phone outside the bedroom and ban them from the meal table. When you travel, look around to see how many people are continuously on their phones. What we see and hear affects us deeply and can affect our mental health and our general health also. This not only applies to the young!


During Lent 2019, on Wednesday evenings from 7.30-9pm weekly at St.Giles Kilmington, we will have a ‘Heart Clinic’. Here  we will explore some of the things which cause problems with our ‘Heart’ - that is the deepest part of our lives. When there are problems with our heart, we may experience other side effects in our overall health. This not only applies to our physical heart but even more with the centre of our being, our soul – made up of our will, our emotions and our mind. In a Hebrew  & Biblical understanding of human nature we are Spirit, Soul and Body and all three need to be whole and in harmony with each other and with our Creator.


You are welcome to come along to just one session or to come to all of them. There will be a summary of the talk and some questions for application for each participant. We also hope to record the Talks for those who miss one or more. We have a range of speakers who will focus on one of the topics and will take up a Voluntary Offering at the end of the evening.


There is no cost for entry and you are welcome to join us for refreshments beforehand from 7pm. Small groups will be meeting during the evening (or you can be quiet and reflect) and also during the following week in several locations where we can support each other and apply the teaching to our own life journey.


Solomon wrote many wise sayings recorded in the Book of Proverbs ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life’Chapter 4v23. If only he had heeded his own advice!


Not only will we look at the Traditional Seven Deadly Sins, but also look at the Heavenly Virtues and how they relate in our contemporary world. Jesus said that ‘Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks’. (Matthew 12v2=34) See also what Jesus wrote about what comes out our hearts in Mark 7v20-23. We will explore how we can have ‘Heart Surgery’ and be given a New Heart.


We all need help with these things and our hope is that our lives will grow to reflect ‘the beauty of holiness’ and be a blessing to our family, friends and communities where we live.


Simon Holloway