Shute with Whitford - Survey

Shute Parish Survey


You may have heard that the Parish of Shute is conducting a survey into the use of the Church. It is looking into ways the facilities of the Church could be improved, and what more it could offer its users in terms of community events, as well as the development of its worship. 


The views and ideas of everyone in the Mission Community who use the Church at Shute for any reason (and no matter how frequently) about how to improve the Church are very important. We want to hear your views about how things could be improved at Shute Church. 


You should have received paper forms through the post, but the survey can also be filled in online if you find this easier. Here is the link to fill in the survey online:


Filling in this survey will help us to improve things to serve everyone in the community, and to plan for the future of the Church. Thank you for your help.