Palm Sunday 2019

This year Palm Sunday fell on 14thApril and, as is the custom in Kilmington, the congregations of St. Giles’s Church and the Beacon met together for a United Service, hosted this year by St. Giles’s Church.  Meanwhile, a symbolic procession or ‘walk of witness’ to remind us of the story of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, set off from The Common.   About 30 people, led by Pastor Darrell and Reader, Anna Crabbe, were accompanied by Arthur, a diminutive miniature Shetland pony, (who was standing in for the donkey) and his minders from the Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue.   The group wound its way through the village, stopping at four places on the way to sing a hymn, read a Bible passage and say prayers for different parts of the community.    


The walk finished by joining the congregation in St. Giles’s where, to everyone’s delight, Arthur was quietly led through the congregation before being led away to enjoy the grass in the churchyard.   The service was a joyful reflection of the enthusiasm felt by the first crowd as they welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem placing palms on the ground before him.   As Mike Hudson, (Associate Pastor at the Beacon) then explained, that same crowd would soon turn on Jesus because he did not match their idea of the long-promised King, particularly as he arrived on a donkey!   Anna led the service with warmth and compassion and introduced an amusing dramatised imagining of the conversation between two disciples and the owner of the donkey.   After the service the congregation shared tea, coffee, cakes and fellowship and everyone left feeling uplifted.


Jean Falconer